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Let's face it; it's not brain surgery. Cerebralstylings.com. Curt Rosen-Copywriter

But copywriting is a craft. And like any craft, it takes years and years to hone.

For some, good copy is good enough. But there’s a big difference between good and great. Great copy inspires, electrifies, motivates, captivates and whether a product, service or an idea—great copy truly sells.

So ask yourself, is “good” good enough for your organization? Or is great what you had in mind?

It's All About Me

(Well, in this case anyway.)

Stylin' on my Honda 90I've written for leading organizations for the last 20 years. I'm experienced in just about every medium and I've won numerous awards for my work. What’s more, I play well with the other kids and collect hotel “do not disturb” door hangers in my spare time.

But as intriguing as those facts are, here are a few more. My therapist said it's good to be open with others, so here goes...

  • By age seven, I could recite the Encyclopedia Britannica up to the letter “O.” Out of concern, I stopped at the entry, "obsessive-compulsive disorder."
  • During my initiation into the Fighting Faulkners Literary Biker Gang, I was forced to get a club rule tattooed on my arm. I chose "Never end a sentence with a preposition," but the gang chose where to put it at.
  • In high school, I traded my restored Pontiac GTO for a word processor. Man, could that baby fly! The GTO wasn’t bad either. (BA-DUM-BUMP! Try the veal and please don’t forget to tip your waitress.)
  • Prior to college, I attended Y’all Aversion Therapy to counter my rural upbringing. At graduation, I proudly exclaimed, "Thank yoooouuuuu aaalllll for coming."
  • Following a strange presidential tweet, I was the only person in America able to define, “Covfefe." Definition: A momentary lapse of reason, usually as a result of toxic orange hair dye.
  • After adopting three feral cats, I appropriately named them “I,” “Before E” and “Except after C." Enforcing the feeding order is an absolute nightmare!
  • During a recent brainstorming session, I passed out while trying to come up with another word for "thesaurus."

Check Out The Big Brain On Curt

Below are some samples from my portfolio. If you like them, I wrote them. If not, Guccifer and the Russians must have hacked my site and posted these abominations here. (Meddling Russians.)


Mark Twain once said, “The difference between the almost-right word and the right word is the difference between a lightning bug and lightning.”

So what's it going to be? Bugs in a jar, or this...

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So, What's On Your Mind?

Project work, employment, or maybe a long-term freelance relationship? Shoot me an email or give me a call; we'll put our brains together and make sure you get what you really need.